Board of Directors Meeting – 29 March 2018

PMI Kazakhstan Chapter Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting on 29 March 2018, where the leadership team discussed the results of Chapter activities in March.  PMI Kazakhstan Chapter would like to thank everyone, who joined PMI Annual Gala dinners in Astana, Almaty, and Atyrau, for their valuable attendance, enthusiasm to develop project management profession in Kazakhstan, and feedback on the Chapter activities, which will be closely considered when planning the upcoming events and initiatives.

The second part of the Board of Directors meeting was dedicated to discussing the Chapter Business Plan and Operational Plan for 2018.  This year PMI Kazakhstan Chapter will focus on meeting the up-to-date project specialists' demands through intensified industry-targeted events and practical master-classes and will continue ensuring its members receive tangible benefits from being part of PMI community and networking with like-minded professionals.

Stay tuned with PMI Kazakhstan Chapter regular updates and look out for new announcements!

PMI Annual Gala Dinners in Astana and Almaty

On 20 March 2018, PMI Kazakhstan Chapter has proudly conducted PMI Annual Gala Dinners in Astana and Almaty to recognize PMI Kazakhstan Chapter members for contributing to project management profession in the country and being with us throughout the year.

These dinners gathered like-minded professionals from a diversity of industries, including IT, Oil and Gas, Construction, etc., who enthusiastically exchanged opinions about best project management practices in their spheres and shared their professional experiences in a nice semi-formal atmosphere.

For us, PMI Kazakhstan Chapter Leadership team, our valued guests' feedback given during the dinners also helped to understand how to move further as a Chapter depending on Chapter members' needs.

Be with PMI this year and enjoy the benefits we offer!

Мастер-класс "Подготовка к экзамену PMP"

Мы рады пригласить Вас на мастер-класс, посвященный подготовке к экзамену на получение признанной во всем мире сертификации Project Management Professional (PMP).
Тема: «Подготовка к экзамену PMP. Алгоритм подготовки, лучшие практики по подготовке и другие секреты успешной сдачи экзамена».
Приглашенный эксперт: Шокаманов Рустам Серикович, PMP, MSc, Руководитель трансформации проектного планирования ТОО "Тенгизшевройл"
Дата и время: 5 апреля 2018 г., 18:30 ч
Место: г. Алматы, Казахстанско-японский центр развития человеческих ресурсов (, ул. Жандосова 55 (между ул. Алтынсарина (Правды) и ул. Берегового, на территории университета Нархоз).
Мероприятие организовано в сотрудничестве с Евразийским клубом проектных менеджеров.
Для участия в мастер-классе просим Вас зарегистрироваться по ссылке.
Ждем Вас на нашем мероприятии.

PMI Annual Gala Dinner in Atyrau

On 13 March 2018, PMI Kazakhstan Chapter organized PMI Annual Gala Dinner in Atyrau, and that marked up the official launch of appreciation dinner series to recognize PMI Kazakhstan Chapter members for contributing to project management profession in the country and being with us throughout the year.

Chapter members enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to discuss project management practices while networking with like-minded professionals from different industries and markets and enjoying a nice atmosphere. 

PMI Kazakhstan Chapter Leadership team was also happy to listen to Chapter members' feedback on Chapter activities and better understand their needs as of our valued members as the Chapter develops further.

Stay with us this year and enjoy the benefits offered by PMI!

Legal Aspects of Project Management [Updated]

Coming soon! Reserve your calendars in advance for the next PMI Kazakhstan Chapter event!
Event: Legal Aspects of Project Management Webinar by Sarah Schütte, Schütte Consulting Limited, especially for PMI Kazakhstan
Date&time: 17th of April now, 18.30-20.30 Almaty time (initially 27 March, 18:30 )
Venue: Satbayev University, Almaty, 22 Satpayev st, Main Campus, 4 floor, room 421
No entrance fee!
Please register below.  
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EPC webinar/meeting - Press release

PM Astana club held a meeting last Saturday with the support of PMI Kazakhstan Potential Chapter. 
Despite Saturday evening 17 people decided to listen to a brilliant speaker on EPC contracts in Kazakhstan.
Zulpat demonstrates extraordinary knowledge and experience in the field so everybody could learn something new. 
Participants will receive a presentation and video record afterward.